About me and my style of acupuncture

My own unique style of acupuncture for infertility (or as some people spell it, accupuncture) has proven itself with the results it has achieved, not only with infertility but with most physical and emotional conditions. My style is very different from others as it incorporates the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over many years of research and study of a subject that is as fascinating as it is diverse. The effectiveness of this medicine for infertility in the right hands can give amazing results. I have been very successful with both male and female infertility / fertility including low or zero sperm count, motility or morphology and also endometriosis and polycystic ovaries (PCOS), in some instances achieving results in the clinic within weeks. My treatments have also helped with habitual miscarriage and other gynaecological conditions that do not respond well to western medicine.

Not all acupuncture is the same!

Not every acupuncturist is the same, they differ in style and treatment protocols for infertility treatment depending on their experience and training. If you have tried acupuncture in the past unsuccessfully I would strongly recommend that you try my infertility treatment style to obtain results. 50% of my patients had tried acupuncture unsuccessfully before they were recommended to me. My style of acupuncture is unique to me and geared to offer my patients the best possible treatment. I am NOT affiliated with the so called Zita West Fertility Acupuncture style.

To help couples understand how my personal style of acupuncture can help with fertility and IVF treatment I always recommend that they have a free consultation with me first. This enables me to explain briefly how acupuncture works and also enables the couple to ask any questions they wish before deciding if my style of acupuncture is for them.

Based in Solihull Birmingham I am degree trained in acupuncture and fully insured, and I am a full member of the British Acupuncture Council. Although I specialise in male and female fertility I have a vast experience with dealing effectively and gently with all physical and emotional conditions.

As a practitioner I am very committed to my patient’s health and well being. They always benefit from my full attention and experience – after all, their health is my best advertisement! The majority of my patients are referred to me by recommendation. I am currently treating patients in Solihull, Birmingham and Spain, so it is advisable to book a course of treatment for infertility in advance to ensure suitable dates.

One of my patients came to me with PCOS, she had been trying to conceive for 2 years. After just 4 of my treatments she is expecting twins!

Another patient came to me with endometriosis and PCOS and was told by her consultant she needed an operation before she had any hope of conception. After 3 weekly treatments she was shocked that she was pregnant and she had conceived after the first treatment!

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