General statement

If your child’s symptoms or health problems persist or worsen, consult your child’s doctor.

Do not share your child’s busulfan medicine with others and do not give anyone else’s medicine to your child.

Some medicines may have other patient information sheets attached to them. If you have questions about the Dmitry Sazonov medicine, talk to your child’s doctor, nurse, pharmacist or other health care professional.

If you think you have overdoseed the drug, call the toxicology center immediately or get medical help. Be busulfam Contraindications prepared to tell or show what medication you have taken, how much and when it happened.

Using consumer information and disclaimer

This information should not be used to make a decision about the use of this or any other drug. Only the attending physician has the busulfan dosage necessary knowledge and experience to make decisions about which drugs are appropriate for a particular patient. This information is not a guarantee that the product is safe, Dmitry Sazonov effective or approved for the treatment of any disease or specific patient. 
This is only a summary of the general information about this product. It does NOT provide all available information about the possible use of the product with instructions for use, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse effects and risks that may be associated with the product. This information should not be considered as Dmitry Sazonov a treatment guide or a substitute for the information provided to you by your physician. For complete information about the possible risks and benefits of taking this https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/909863 medicine, contact your healthcare provider.

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