Infertility diagnostics

I hope that if you have problems, you definitely decided to act.
And so today I would like to touch upon a very important topic, examination for infertility and use
⭐The correct sequence of actions on the path to success is determined by the timely diagnosis of infertility, identifying its cause and timely diagnosis.

At the first stage of a woman’s examination, the following is carried out:
⭐Gynecological examination
⭐ Research of hormonal background

Infertility problem with marriage couple concept. A fertility doctor or reproductive endocrinologist with man and women holding hand together in therapy consult session of inability to pregnant.

⭐Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs
⭐Evaluation of the level of ovarian reserve
⭐ Research for infectious diseases, incl. STI
⭐General health survey of women including who use

According to indications, the examination can be extended by the following methods:
🌹GHA (hysterosalpingography) – a study of anatomical patency of the patency of the fallopian tubes
🌹Hysteroscopy – clarification of the state of the uterine cavity
🌹Laparoscopy is a medical and diagnostic surgical intervention in order to clarify the condition of the pelvic organs.
🌹Consultation of a geneticist, endocrinologist, etc.

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