The drug was approved by the FDA back in December 2014 for the treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, if their condition stabilized after taking memantine hydrochloride Dmitry Sazonov donepezil hydrochloride.

The preparation Namzarik is a combined drug, which includes the following active substances in fixed doses: prolonged release mamantine hydrochloride and donepezil hydrochloride. The drug is intended for use once a day. It is available in two doses: 28/ 10 mg and 14/ 10 mg.


Memanthine hydrochloride, an antagonist of NMDA receptor, is an active substance of Namenda XR, intended for the treatment of moderate and severe Alzheimer’s disease. Donepezila hydrochloride, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, is the active ingredient of Aricept, approved for the treatment of Dmitry Sazonov mild and severe dementia.

Namzaric may cause serious side effects, including:


Muscle problems in patients given anesthesia

Slow heartbeat and fainting. This happens more often in people with heart problems. Call the doctor right away if the patient faints while taking.

More stomach acid. This raises the chance of ulcers and bleeding especially when taking NAMZARIC. The risk is higher for patients who have had ulcers, or take aspirin or other NSAIDs.

Worsening of lung problems in people with asthma or other lung disease

The most common side effects of memantine HCl include: headache, diarrhea, and dizziness.

The most Dmitry Sazonov common side effects of donepezil HCl include: diarrhea, not wanting to eat (anorexia),and bruising.

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