Success Stories

These are just a few of my acupuncture fertility treatment success stories. Most of these patients were diagnosed with unexplained Infertility or had unsuccessful IVF & ICSI treatment prior to seeing me.



  • Baby Samuel

    Baby Samuel

    This is beautiful baby Samuel above. His mom Michelle came to see me for help as she was planning to go through IVF.

    The amazing thing is Michelle conceived naturally while taking the first set of down regulating drugs for IVF!!

    All this just after a few acupuncture treatments.

  • Nas


    Nas & her husband had been trying for a baby for 5 years when they came to see me. Their consultant had told them that it was extremely unlikely that she would conceive naturally. The couple had gone ahead and paid for IVF treatment which was due to start soon. After just one of my treatments Nas is pregnant! The couple can now ask for a refund on their IVF payment.

  • Jenny, Tim & Baby Henry

    Jenny, Tim & Baby Henry

    Baby Henry was born to Jenny and Tim after such a long time trying! Jenny & Tim thought they would never have a baby but after regular fertility acupuncture with myself Henry was born.

    “Thank you so much Mike for helping to bring Baby Henry to us. With all our thanks & best wishes, Jenny”

  • Justine and Baby Taylor

    Justine and Baby Taylor

    Justine and her husband came to me for help after trying for a long time. After a course of my acupuncture fertility treatments Justine became pregnant. Justine came back for a top-up treatment and to show me her lovely son Taylor! Well done Justine.

  • Cate


    Cate is a beautician from Sutton Coldfield. Cate is now 12 weeks pregnant after a course of my acupuncture for fertility treatments.

  • Claudio & Marielle

    Claudio & Marielle

    This lovely couple from Chile came to me to try to boost Claudio’s sperm count which was very low. They had been trying for a baby for several years. After 9 of my acupuncture fertility treatments Marielle conceived naturally at 46. The couple are very happy. Claudio says “ the acupuncture worked for us”!

  • Sheena


    Sheena had suffered an ectopic pregnancy which caused the loss of one tube. She had also suffered a failed IVF.

    After 5 of my fertility acupuncture treatments Sheena’s IVF was successful.

    She has now given birth to twin girls!!

  • Louise


    Louise is a teacher who was suffering from PCOS and endometriosis when she came to see me. Louise had suffered a failed IVF and was hoping acupuncture could help. After 8 fertility acupuncture treatments Louise’s second IVF was successful. Louise came back to me to try for her second child and she is now 12 weeks pregnant with twins!!

  • Jo


    Jo came to me after two miscarraiges. After 8 acupuncture treatments Jo has a healthy pregnancy.

  • Lisa


    Lisa and her husband had been trying for a baby for several years when they decided to contact me at the Solihull Clinic. Physically they were both very healthy. After 3 of my acupuncture infertility treatments Lisa became pregnant and has since had a little boy, Daniel.

    After Lisa became pregnant she continued to have treatment with me for morning sickness and general well being. The couple are thrilled!

  • Louise


    Louise had been told by her consultant that it was highly unlikely that she would ever conceive. She was under a lot of stress when she came to see me and was slightly under weight.

    After 3 infertility treatments with me Louise became pregnant. She had worked it out that she became pregnant after the first treatment. Louise and her husband are overjoyed!

  • Lyanna and David

    Lyanna and David

    Lyanna and her husband David Chan had suffered 2 failed attempts at IVF. Lyanna is a nurse at Solihull Hospital. Her earlier IVF attempts did not produce very good embryos and the couple did not hold out much hope for their third IVF attempt.

    Lyanna had decided to try my acupuncture treatment prior to her third IVF session. After 4 of my treatments and 2 x A1 embryo transfers Lyanne is finally pregnant.

    When Lyanna found out she was pregnant she was shocked as the couple had all but given up hope. At her 7 week scan Lyanna found out that she is expecting twins!

  • Major Kath Darby Walsh

    Major Kath Darby Walsh

    Kath is a Major in the army where she trains military nurses. She already had a daughter but had been trying to conceive for 2 years.

    After 7 treatments Kath is now expecting twins, 2 boys!!. The couple are delighted!

    Kath still comes to see me for a top-up treatment to help her through her term.

  • awaiting-image

    Depeeka Parsotam

    Dee is a local accountant who came to me for acupuncture to enhance her chances of IVF treatment. A previous attempt with IVF was unsuccessful. After several treatments with me Dee is now expecting and very happy!

  • awaiting-image


    Vicky had suffered an unsuccessful IVF cycle when she came to see me. Now after 6 acupuncture fertility treatments Vicky is expecting twins!

  • awaiting-image


    Shabana came to me after several miscarraiges. Thankfully she now has a healthy pregnancy.

  • awaiting-image


    Peter came to see me with a low sperm count and poor motility. I asked him to try 5 of my treatments and then have his sperm tested again.


    After the 5 treaments Peter contacted me to say that he had had the results of his sperm analysis back and the count had gone up from 6 million per ml to 76 million per ml and the motility had a 20 fold increase. The consultant was amazed!

  • awaiting-image


    James came to see me with his wife. He had a very low sperm count, low motility and poor morphology. James was a little sceptical at first but after 4 treatments all aspects of his sperm had dramatically improved! James sent me the email below:


    “Michael, I have no problems with you using my details for your website, I have to admit that I was very sceptical at first about having acupuncture but with my wife batting in your corner I knew I wasn’t going to get out of it!!! But nonetheless having been through the process I now have 100% faith in acupuncture and would happily recommend you to anyone.”

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    Amrita came to me after 2 years of trying to conceive and unexplained infertility. 6 of my treatments helped Amrita and her husband to get what they always wanted – a healthy pregnancy.

  • awaiting-image

    Dr F. Smith

    Dr Smith came to me after an unsuccessful IVF. She went on to conceive after 5 of my acupuncture fertility treatments.

  • awaiting-image


    Claire came to see me after trying for 18 months to conceive. She asked me to also treat some other problems she was suffering with. After 6 acupuncture sessions Claire became pregnant.


    “Hi Mike

    I came to you for some treatment to boost fertility recently, I am pleased to say I am now 12 weeks pregnant and have worked out that I caught after our first session. I just wanted to thank you for making my dream a reality. If you need a testimonial I am happy to give one.

    Thanks again, Claire”

  • awaiting-image


    Kerry is a 41 year old air stewardess who had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for over 2 years. After 10 sessions with me Kerry is now pregnant and very happy!

  • awaiting-image


    Carol is a lawyer and her husband is a surgeon. Carol had not had a period since coming off the pill a year ago, she came to see me in the hope that I could get her periods back to normal allowing her and her husband to try for a baby. Carol phoned me after 3 of my acupuncture treatments to say she was pregnant! Carol is over joyed.

  • awaiting-image

    Dr. J.G.

    Dr G is a consultant pediatrician. She had not had a period for several months. After 3 treatments with me she stopped having treatment as her periods had not returned. After 3 weeks she contacted me to say her periods had not returned but she was pregnant!

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    Claire Footman

    Claire had been trying for over 2 years, she had endometriosis and unexplained infertility. Claire had 3 treatments with me and conceived naturally. She found out that she caught after the first treatment!

  • awaiting-image


    Mrs G initially came to me with an extended cycle (approx 57-60 days). She wanted to know if I could help her to stabilise her cycle in the hope of getting pregnant as she had been trying for 18 months. I recommended she try 3 sessions first to see how thing changed. After 3 sessions she called me to say her cycle had reduced to 37 days so I recommended another treatment. A few weeks after her fourth treatment she contacted me to say she was pregnant.

  • awaiting-image

    Mrs Corsa

    Mrs Corsa works in a Birmingham hospital. She came to me suffering from polycystic ovaries syndrone (PCOS). She had been trying to conceive for over 2 years. After 4 of my acupuncture treatments Mrs Corsa is now expecting twins. The couple are thrilled!

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    Dr Akeela

    Dr Akeela came to me just prior to IVF treatment. There had been several complications and this would be her last chance to try to conceieve. After 5 acupuncture treatments her IVF treatment was a success.

  • awaiting-image

    Mr & Mrs LS

    A Loughborough couple both came to me for treatment prior to IVF. The man had a zero sperm count which was holding up the IVF treatment and also his wife was very weak and tired most of the time.


    I treated the couple with infertility treatments for several weeks prior to a sperm test which would determine the possible success of the IVF. The test was carried out after 3 acupuncture treatments, the sperm count had gone from zero to normal with normal motility. The IVF was successful and the couple now have a little girl.

  • awaiting-image

    Mrs Maureen D

    This young lady came to me hoping to conceive again after trying for several years. She already had a 5 year old boy. After 3 acupuncture treatments I referred her to her doctor for suspected uterine fibroids. This was confirmed by her consultant and subsequently a fibroid the size of a grapefruit was removed. Several months after her operation Maureen returned to me for treatment. After 7 of my infertility treatments she became pregnant.

  • awaiting-image

    I was 39 and had been trying for a baby for over a year, I was told by professionals that it was very unlikely that I would conceive naturally and my best chance was IVF or egg donation. My husband and I were devastated. I asked to be referred for IVF treatment and was due to start the IVF in August 2010.

    I started seeing Michael in April 2010 and after 4 sessions I fell pregnant in June and cancelled the IVF treatment.

    I am now 31 weeks pregnant and have had a really healthy pregnancy. After my first treatment with Michael I felt great and this was noticed by all my friends and family and I cannot recommend him more highly.

    When my baby arrives I want to continue to visit Michael for my general well being and hopefully help me to conceive another little baby!

  • Liz


    Liz came to me after a miscarriage and difficulty getting pregnant. After 4 acupuncture treatments Liz became pregnant and came to see me at regular stages during her pregnancy.

    Liz gave birth recently to a beautiful baby girl, Megan (pictured here). Now Liz is pregnant with her second child after coming back to me for further treatment.

  • awaiting-image


    Mariella & her husband had been trying for a baby for years, after fertility acupuncture treatment with myself she conceived.

    This is a picture of her with her baby girl Natalia.

  • awaiting-image


    “Hi Michael,

    Just to let you know that our scan went really well, we saw a heart beat and they dated it at about 7weeks+. We’ve been discharged to the midwife’s care, so fingers crossed for a safe journey now.

    Thanks for everything, I totally put it down to the acupuncture treatment. I will be in touch if I feel I need any further treatments to help me over the pregnancy.


  • Jo and Mark

    Jo and Mark

    Hi Mike

    We just wanted to say a massive thanks for helping us conceive. I had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and been trying for 2 years. We had tried everything and were due to start iui when a friend recommended acupuncture. I only had 3 treatments and conceived naturally! Attached is a picture of our 12 week scan….

    Massive thanks again for transforming our lives.

    Jo and Mark x x x”

  • awaiting-image

    Ann & Baby Seamus

    Ann came to me for help with her IVF and this is the result

    Baby Seamus

  • A very happy response from a couple who are a consultant Surgeon and Gynecologist

    A very happy response from a couple who are a consultant Surgeon and Gynecologist

    “Dear Mike,

    I am pleased to let you know that your efforts and expertise have paid and now, we are proud parents of a lovely little angel. We would specifically like to thank you for your expert help and we are very impressed, not to mention the highly skilled and professional approach (we understand this very well as we are both doctors ourselves). We are very glad to be a part of your success stories, we wish you all the best for your highly commendable services.

    Kind regards, Dr Niyam & Dr Sabreen”

  • awaiting-image

    4 of my acupuncture treatments helped James’s sperm count

    “Michael, I have had my seminal analysis results back for my second test. There has been a dramatic improvement in my count. Count was 4.6 million and now 18 million. Mobility has gone from 9% at top level to 53% at that level. Morphology has risen from 5% to 6% normal. Thank you for your help, it has obviously worked well.

    Many thanks, James”

  • awaiting-image

    5 of my fertility acupuncture treatments helped Michelle

    “Hi Mike,

    I’m pleased to tell you that I got a positive pregnancy test result this morning. I can only put this result down to your sessions, so thank you for everything you have done so far.

    I think you recomended having another session to help things settle in, so I’m hoping that you can fit me in next week.


  • Michael Gorman

    Michael Gorman
    BA (HONS) Lic. Ac. MBAcC. DCH

    I am happy to offer advice on any condition either by phone or email.

    Just email me some details of your condition for a response on how my style of acupuncture can help you.

    or call me on 07968 613 768

  • 5 of my acupuncture treatments improved Peter’s sperm…

    5 of my acupuncture treatments improved Peter’s sperm…


    Michael, I had my sperm analysis today, the count has gone from 6 million per ml to 76 million!!!

    Also there was a 20 fold increase in the motility! The consultant was amazed and asked what I had been doing.

    I just told him that I had been having acupuncture treatment with yourself.

    Thank you so much.

  • Not all case studies are the same

    Not all symptoms are the same and each individual’s infertility case is treated according to how they are diagnosed using traditional acupuncture diagnosis, which includes information gained from the pulse and tongue. In this way the practitioner can find the root of the condition rather than just using the presenting signs and symptoms.