Male Infertility

The male reproductive system is much less complex than the female. The 3 most important aspects of the sperm quality are sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology. Sometimes one aspect, or all three can be responsible for male infertility. For a detailed explanation of the male reproductive system click here.

Western medicine can offer little in terms of improving sperm quality but can be helpful when surgery is required to correct a physical disfunction in the system.

Acupuncture can be extremely helpful with improving all three important aspects of the sperm. I have been very successful with improving sperm count, motility & morphology with a combination of my style of acupuncture and diet advice. Initially I always recommend that 5 weekly treatments are given prior to a sperm analysis. Sometimes more treatments are required but to date I have found that this amount of treatments can significantly improve things for some men.

Many men ask me where the needles have to be inserted and they are usually surprised to find that most points used are in the legs, feet and back. The needles are not painful, they are a about as thick as a horse hair and about half an inch long. Sometimes the needle insertion will cause a slight tingling sensation but the treatment as a whole is very relaxing.

Male hormones

  • FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone, necessary for sperm production)
  • LH Luteinizing hormone (stimulates production of testosterone required for sperm production)
  • Testosterone (triggers development of male sexual characteristics)
  • Inhibin (a hormone that regulates FSH levels)

Where there is an imbalance with male hormones acupuncture can help by stimulating special points that can improve certain gland function. This can be very effective in improving sperm quality.

Some life changes are obvious to improve sperm quality but there are special diet and supplement additions that combined with my special acupuncture protocols will have a positive effect on sperm production. These recommendations are given to all my patients during their treatment with me.

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