What to expect

Part of the initial treatment will include correcting any problems with your cycle, this also has a beneficial effect on any PMS / PMT you may be suffering. My style of acupuncture can also dramatically improve your chances of IVF, ICSI or IUI success.

The treatment is pain free and comfortable and will leave you feeling very relaxed and at ease with yourself.

It is advisable to wear clothing that allows easy access to lower legs and knees, back and lower abdomen. There is no need to undress, just to remove shoes and socks.

I recommend at least 4 weekly treatments prior to the down-regulating process of IVF or ICSI. If ICSI is being used due to a sperm condition, I would also recommend treatment for the male partner to optimise sperm quality.

I would not carry out treatment during the down-regulating process (usually 2-3 weeks) as in my experience acupuncture can reduce the effect of the drugs used. My treatment would resume during the next stage of IVF / ICSI when the patient starts to take the stimulating drugs. This usually lasts for 2 weeks sometimes longer, I recommend treatment weekly during this process. I only recommend one further treatment just prior to embryo transfer with an optional treatment after transfer. This amounts to 7-8 treatments in all.

Further treatments during your term may be helpful, in particular when there has been a history of miscarriage or it is a concern, or to help with morning sickness.

If you have any questions about acupuncture and IVF / ICSI treatment please email me at:
or text or call me on 07968 613 768, I am happy to offer advice.